Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Social Project Management Built On Top of IBM Connections

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I've wanted to blog about this for a while so I'm glad I finally was able to reserve some time for this. Trilog one of IBM Business Partners has recently released an update to their application built on top of Connections and Quickr called ProjExec. ProjExec really puts Social into Project Management.

ProjExec has been around for a while and in the latest release they leverage the latest and greatest from Connections. Here are some of the integration points included:

  • The activity stream from Connections is now exposed directly in the ProjExec tool
  • Connections' business card can be surfaced wherever you see a name and provides an easy pivot point between project management and social collaboration
  • You can create and manage activities directly from ProjExec (similar to the Cognos integration where you can create activities from the Cognos dashboard)

One feature that some people will really like is its integration and synchronization with Microsoft Project. You can even create a new project in ProjExec based on an existing Microsoft Project file.

Here's a quick video (no narration) that takes you through ProjExec:

Here's a screenshot showing the activity stream within the ProjExec mashup.

I wasn't aware that they could do this, but one cool feature that ProjExec introduces is the ability to easily the activity stream directly in the Notes client!

The tool has definitely come a long way with proven ROI. Customers have reported double-digit savings on operational costs, 80% time savings, and 400% productivity increase!

Bill Ives who I finally got to meet in person at Lotusphere 2011 #ls11 also took the time to review ProjExec. For all the latest news around ProjExec, check out their blog here and you can follow them on Twitter here. To download ProjExec, you can get it directly from our own Lotus App Catalog.

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