Friday, June 10, 2011

IBM's Journey to Becoming a Social Business

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One of my colleagues who you probably have stumbled upon before, Ted Stanton, recently participated in the 2011 Dachis Social Business Summit. The summit, sponsored by IBM, occurred in 4 different places worldwide: Austin, London, Singapore, and Sydney. I talked about the summit last month when I highlighted Rawn Shah's presentation.

I also wanted to take the time and highlight Ted's presentation which he recently shared with me. In Ted's session he covers the IBM's Journey to Becoming a Social Business. There's a replay of his session available online, but I understand it's only available for those that participated in the summit. If the replay is opened up, I'll share it here as well.

In his presentation, Ted takes the audience from the early days of many organizations centered around mainframes to our intranet portal to the latest and greatest portal now centered around social software and activity streams. Ted also shares some of the latest metrics; for instance, IBM currently has 285,000 wiki pages with 15.2 million total views!

Additionally, you'll see some of the benefits that IBM has measured based on its use of social software such as 60% of IBMers able to increase sales! As you'll see in his presentation, Ted shares how one of the core pillars under IBM's Smarter Planet strategy is social business. IBM is heavily investing in this area and is using all of its muscles to encourage all organizations to become a social business.

I really liked (and agree) with Ted's closing statement: "A Journey to Become a Social Business.... is never over". Right on!

Ted will also be at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in two weeks co-presenting with the Director of Sharepoint, Christian Finn, and Mike Gotta from Cisco.


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