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Is SharePoint 2010 Ready for Social Business? Nope!

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Yesterday, I participated in the This Week in Lotus podcast along with Joyce Davis and the usual hosts: Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke . Once the podcast is available, you'll learn a bit more about the IBM Champion selection process.

We also talk about a video posted by my colleagues recently. This video was posted in our internal Connections instance and it spread virally like crazy. It's the most downloaded and rated video in the last two weeks. It's a great video that compares Sharepoint to IBM Connections and really demonstrates how bad Sharepoint is.

What I liked about the video is that it makes an apples to apples comparison, specifically, it compares file sharing in Connections and file sharing in Sharepoint.

Here's what Brandon Seppa, the creator of the video, has to say:

The fact is that while SharePoint is widely deployed, Microsoft Sharepoint is woefully inadequate as a platform to support Social Business initiatives (HR Transformation, Knowledge Management, Enterprise 2.0, etc). Innovation on the internet has fundamentally changed the accepted usage paradigms for the tools we use to share what we know and discover other people and what they know, and Sharepoint has not kept pace. There will not be an opportunity for Microsoft to fix the many challenges Sharepoint introduces to such projects until the next major release of Sharepoint (in 2013?? 2014?? 2015??), and the inescapable reality is that an organization's Social Business initiatives are likely to succeed or fail long before then. Many Sharepoint customers have been using the platform for 10 years now! A DECADE has passed, and even though they have suffered with sub-standard capabilities, Sharepoint customers are not even ONE STEP closer to Social Business. It's time to move forward!

And again, this is just comparing file sharing. It doesn't even get to compare head-to-head Wikis, Blogs, Forums, Team places, Profiles/My Sites, Ideation (which Sharepoint doesn't have), and other capabilities that are in Connections but not in Sharepoint (microblogging!!)

Another proof point that SharePoint is not ready for Social Business? IDC didn't even include it (2 years in a row) in their social software marketshare report.

Take a peek (the video is 30 mins long but even if you can dedicate 15 mins you'll see how bad things really are in the SharePoint world):

What do you think? Thanks again to Brandon Seppa for putting this together.

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