Monday, June 13, 2011

How To Get Push Notifications from IBM Connections on your Blackberry

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Last week I was approached by a customer who wanted to get push notifications on their BlackBerry device based on activity that was going in their Connections deployment. They had already seen my blog post on how to get push notifications from Connections on an iPhone.

So I went out and did a quick search and found that there's a free app from BlackBerry that lets you subscribe to any RSS feed. The app is called is BlackBerry News Feeds and is a free download from the BlackBerry App World catalog.

I went out to the App Store, downloaded the app and configured it to go against the BleedYellow URL:

Once I did that, I went out to BleedYellow updated my status and voilá ! I got a push notification on my phone. So if you were looking for a solution to get your Connections activity stream sent out to your BlackBerry, now you have one.

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