Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OpenOffice 4.0 is Available Now - Go and Download It!

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Today, OpenOffice 4.0 has become available ! Today, more than 58 million people have downloaded OpenOffice v3.4 since its release last year.

One of my favorite features in this release is the new sidebar which comes of course as part of the contributions from IBM's Symphony. The timing couldn't be better as we recently also introduced a document an awesome document editor in OpenOffice format for the iPad.

In today's press release, Kevin Cavanaugh (VP IBM Collaboration Solutions) was quoted as saying:
The time is right for wide scale enterprises adoption especially with the upcoming end of support for Microsoft Office 2003. By choosing Apache OpenOffice, enterprises will free up resources for their cloud and mobile infrastructure investments.
Additionally, as you are probably aware, we have a plug-in for that brings social to OpenOffice available today. In a couple of weeks, we'll also be releasing a new version of this IBM Connections Plug-In for OpenOffice which will surface in the new sidebar. I'll be sharing more about this plugin in the coming weeks as we approach the release date. Here's a screenshot just to give you a sense of how it's going to work:

For reference, the full list of What's New in this release is available here.

So don't wait!! To download, get it here: .
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