Thursday, July 25, 2013

TemboSocial Extends IBM Connections Mobile App

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In mid 2012, TemboSocial introduced the world to their peer-to-peer recognition add-on for IBM Connections, the market leading social business platform. Earlier this year I also shared how TemboSocial had further integrated into the IBM Connections platform.

Today, I'm happy to report that TemboSocial continues its integration work into our platform. As an enterprise social network (ESN), IBM Connections is uniquely positioned to be the one stop destination for all the collaboration needs you may have. As such, TemboSocial now provides their peer-to-peer recognition and polling capabilities directly from the IBM Connections mobile app.

Here's a screenshot of how the polls from TemboSocial show up in the tablet mobile app (which we just updated last week):

And here's how The Hive looks within the mobile app:

It's extremely exciting to see how the partner eco-system for IBM Connections continues to grow and that partners continue to expand on their existing and are keeping their solutions up to date with our latest release.

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