Friday, July 19, 2013

IBM Connections Mobile App Updated - Docs Galore!

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We have just released the latest mobile apps for IBM Connections, IBM's Enterprise Social Network (ESN). I haven't blogged about the mobile apps lately. However, I'm sure you've been up to date thanks to Chris Reckling's posts. By now, you know that we've been releasing monthly updates with new features every month!

In this month's release we've added various new things, with the most powerful one being real-time co-editing of documents directly from your iPad. Last week, Forrester cited IBM as a Leader in their File Sharing and Sync Wave. As the product manager for Files, I don't want to just sit idle now, but instead want to keep pushing our leadership position further ahead.

Imagine being on the go and being asked to review a document. Why wait until you are back in the office, when you can make quick changes directly from your device?? Just edit and go, and yes, as others throughout the world make changes to the document, you see them in real-time! And since Connections provides document editing, the document never leaves the secure container.  You probably remember this from the IBM Connect OGS earlier this year, so it's extremely exciting to roll this out today!

Here's a quick and simple 2 minute demo I captured to demonstrate some of the new capabilities in this release.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the latest apps from your favorite app store! If you are not using Connections today, start your free trial by going to !
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