Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Updated Mobile App for IBM Connections - Goodies for all

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Refresh your app stores, the latest monthly update is now available! A new mobile app update is ready for IBM Connections, IBM's enterprise social network (ESN) for collaboration. Last week, Chris Reckling did a great job summarizing the new features in the June 2013 release of native mobile apps.

My favorite feature is viewing events in the Action Required view of the activity stream. This view looks in the activity stream and can figure out which events require end user action. Thus, this view displays your latest to-do items from Activities, network and community invitations, requests to join moderated communities, and any third-party events requiring an action on your part.

For example, imagine an expense reporting application or a workflow application (e.g. IBM Business Process Manager ) where you are notified that you need to approve or reject something. You can do it directly from the activity stream, and now, directly from the mobile device!!! Mobile workers don't have to be a bottleneck anymore.

So if your App Store (or Google Play) icon looks like this:

it's time to update!!

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