Tuesday, December 4, 2012

IBM SmartCloud Now with IBM Docs and more IBM Connections Capabilities

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IBM Docs was deployed to the IBM SmartCloud this weekend. As you probably know, IBM Docs has been available now for about a year in Beta. As you can imagine, it's very exciting to finally take this out of beta and make it available to our customers.

So, on Saturday night, we updated our SmartCloud data centers around the world to deploy IBM Docs as well as added more capabilities to IBM Connections on the cloud. IBM SmartCloud Docs is simple yet powerful - you can get started quickly, but still have the advanced features that you need. Start new online documents, or view or edit Microsoft™ Office and IBM® Symphony™ files already stored in Files. IBM Docs lets you simultaneously edit a document with other contributors, greatly improving the simplicity and efficiency by which teams build documents.

  • Choose to work independently or co-edit with others in real time, seeing changes in the color that is assigned to each editor.
  • Leave a comment or reply to one in the context of the document
  • Publish and manage versions of the document in Files
  • View the contents of published documents online - no need to download
  • Download documents as Microsoft Office or .PDF format as needed
IBM Docs customers can easily create professional looking documents and share them with others. IBM SmartCloud Docs is available at no extra cost for SmartCloud Engage Advanced subscribers, and is available as an add-on for SmartCloud Engage and SmartCloud Connections subscribers. Check out the demo below:

Finally, IBM SmartCloud Connections subscribers now have the ability to use the new Ideation, Blogs, and Wikis capability in their communities for enhanced team collaboration.

As the product manager for IBM SmartCloud Connections, I'll be sharing the roadmap at IBM Connect. So if you haven't registered yet, go ahead and do it today!

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