Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Announcing IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition

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Today, IBM announced the availability of IBM Connections on PureSystems. PureSystems allow Ability to maintain and update through a single console with zero downtime. The same capability was released for WebSphere Portal earlier in the year (to learn more click here ).

A social business recognizes that people do business with people and optimizes how people interact to accomplish organizational goals. IBM Connections empowers people to easily connect with employees, partners, and customers, helping businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, to optimize collaboration. The new IBM Connections pattern for use with PureSystems allow organizations to focus critical resources on value add activities by significantly reducing installation and configuration times.

If you are not familiar with PureSystems, check out this video to learn more:

WebSphere Portal has also been available for PureSystem since earlier this year. In this demo you can see how easy and fast it is to deploy Portal and now you have the same capability for IBM Connections:

Using IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4 can help enable better utilization of hardware and faster response to demands for newly deployed systems. This can help to reduce both hardware and software operation costs, and maintenance costs. By deploying virtual images, businesses can also leverage a known, stable, and tested configuration, which can help reduce the potential for errors and reduce time to deployment of a working system, whether for development, test, or production. By making the deployment easier, organizations can focus their investment on social business adoption.

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