Thursday, May 10, 2012

New IBM Connections Plug-In for Symphony and OpenOffice Demo

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A while ago, I blogged about all the different plug-ins available for Symphony which brought the social capabilities of IBM Connections into Symphony. For those of you who don't know, Symphony is a free productivity suite based on OpenOffice, which coincidentally shipped a new release on Tuesday. And speaking of OpenOffice this same plugin has been released as an OpenOffice extension!!!

Of course, I'm pretty much a month late with these news, but there's now a new IBM Connections plug-in for Symphony, as Ed Brill announced earlier. The new plug-in adds the following capabilities:
  • Add a Lotus Symphony document to a IBM Connections activity, blog, or wiki.
  • Create a To Do item for an activity.
  • Add a Spreadsheet or Presentation document to an activity.
  • Add a URL as a IBM Connections bookmark.
  • Insert data from a IBM Connections profile into Lotus Symphony documents.
  • Open and share files in IBM Connections files.
And because it works inside of Symphony, it'll work in Linux, Mac, and Windows with any IBM Connections 2.5 server or above.

To me this is important because I believe in the power of bringing social to the end user to accelerate adoption of social business.

To show it off, I recorded this 9 minute demo which walks you through the features of this new plug-in plus the plug-in for the newsletter generator and a special one for those using the IBM Connections Content Edition.

For more details on this new plug-in available at no extra cost, check out the help document and to download & install it, go here (for Symphony) or here (for OpenOffice). The video above shows how to install it (hint: it's super easy!!).

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