Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Bundle Available: Connections & FileNet

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Today, IBM announced a new bundle where customers can buy IBM Connections + FileNet for a significant discount.

You may remember that one of the new features that was introduced in IBM Connections 3.0.1 was integration with FileNet. The integration brings the power, security, and scalability of an Enterprise Content Manager (ECM). With this integration you can use folders, check-in/check-out, workflow, document types and even round-trip editing natively within Connections (the last feature being my favorite ).

Why are we doing this?

Today's business environment is information and knowledge intensive. Today's social tools are designed to help you to leverage this exponential growth of information. Reliable content is essential, and connecting the right subject matter experts with the right content gives businesses real-time information in context - helping contribute to better business decisions made more efficiently. IBM Connections Content Edition V3 integrates IBM Connections' best-in-class social software with the IBM industry-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform in a single affordable offering. This offering enables you to extend ECM services and function to a broad audience of business professionals using social software to help achieve their business goals.

Here's a demo of the integration (or you can view it full screen here):

And here's another one in HTML5 just in case you can't see the one above:

The new offering is called IBM® Connections Content Edition V3 and you can find the official announcement letter is here.

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