Thursday, October 6, 2011

Demo: IBM Connections and Notes 8.5.3 Integration

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In the weeks prior the release of Notes 8.5.3 I helped a colleague create this video which shows the various integration points between IBM Connections and Notes 8.5.3. As a refresher, Notes 8.5.3 entitles users to free use of IBM Connections micro-blogging, profiles, and file sharing.

In the past 2 days alone, the video has amassed close to 1,000 views. The demo shows the importance of Social Everywhere and how critical it is to drive adoption of a social business platform. Here are the integration points that are shown:

  • Search for colleagues and files directly from Notes
  • Invite colleagues to your network directly from Notes
  • Update your status and participate in micro-blogging directly from Notes
  • Share files with colleagues from Notes (without using email!)
  • Drag-n-Drop email attachments into Files
  • Drag-n-Drop files into emails without actually attaching to the email
  • View your colleagues files

Here's the 6 minute overview.

As a reminder, you can get the free Files and Status Updates plugins from our Lotus app catalog.

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