Friday, May 18, 2012

New Widgets Available for IBM Connections Communities

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The past few weeks I've been heads down focusing on the IBM Connections Suite launch so there a couple of things that I've wanted to announce that have slipped. So let's catch up.

As you probably know, the best way to find extensions for IBM Connections is the app catalog. In the past few weeks, there's been tons of new things added to the catalog. So let me summarize:
  1. New IBM Connections Portlets - The new portlets for IBM Connections includes community pages which you can use to quickly associate a portal page with an IBM Connections community. When you do that, the page is automatically scoped to the community membership. Addittionally, you can now integrate with the Portal Search center. Stay tuned for a demo of this to be published soon!
  2. Talkwheel widget for IBM Connections Communities - Talkwheel is a visual discussion platform that brands can embed anywhere, uniting and allowing your Facebook fans to talk to users on your IBM Connections page. To learn more and get the widget click here and check out the demo below.

  3. Community File Usage Quota - This is a Greasemonkey script which allows you to see how much disk space is being used by community files. To get this, click here.
  4. Enhanced Email Notification Template, Polls, User self-registration, @-mentions, and other add-ons - An IBMer from Australia has published a paper and a downloadeable asset which explains how to create certain modules for Connections such as a polling engine, a user self-registration module, and how to use the APIs to do what you want.
  5. IBM Social Widgets for IBM Connections - Last but not least, a set of 8 new widgets, count them, 8 new widgets for IBM Connections Communities. These widgets are: Assets (show people and subject areas to which

    • Assets - show a table of assets stored in IBM Connections Files application
    • Community Contact - show people and a subject areas to which they are associated
    • Community Leaders - show the leaders of your community
    • Community Photos - store photos related to a community
    • Events - create community events and invite people, view your events in a calendar
    • Announcements - post announcements for the community
    • Review - join others in the community in reviewing a subject
    • Videos - post videos (including from YouTube) relevant to your community

    So those community managers looking to add some more spice to their communities, definitely check out these widgets which add a lot of features to your current communities. To download these new widgets, click here.

I also shared some of this as we recorded this week's episode of This Week in Lotus yesterday and discussed the new IBM Connections Suite. Stay tuned for that episode.
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