Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About IBM's Global CEO Study 2012

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Last week, IBM published the results of their 2012 Global CEO Study. Below you will find some of the relevant assets related to this story: infographics, videos, results, and more. It was put together as Storify by IBMer Karl Roche.

Those of you involved in social media and social business will find the results of this study extremely interesting. The study has already received some good coverage in the press and blogs.

For example, Social Media Today highlighted the results of the study in their Why B2B Social Media Will Be "Kind of a Big Deal" article. In it, a interesting trend is highlighted: CEOs are now willing to shed command-and-control and opting for openness, transparency, and employee empowerment. Why? Because companies that do so tend to outperform others in their industry!

I strongly recommend that you go through and read through the study of 1700+ Global CEOs. Everyone in the social business industry will get value out of it.

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