Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Announcing the IBM Connections Suite - Sweet !

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IBM has just announced its new social business offering: the IBM Connections Suite. The IBM Connections Suite provides the best of the best communications, content, and social capabilities in one package creating the ultimate social business offering.

How does a business become a social business? IBM has identified a foundational set of capabilities that—when implemented as a whole—can allow your business to become more social. To socially enable your workforce, improve customer care and insight, and enhance product and service innovation, an organization must consider how it will Reach, Engage, Discover, and Act as it becomes a social business. These are the 4 key services of a social business.

- Reach people where they live and work

- Enable people to engage productively in a business context

- Monitor and analyze social data to discover new business insights

- Act on insight for business advantage

The IBM Connections Suite delivers these 4 capabilities, and it's all in one package! What does it include? Everyhing you could want: profiles, communities, microblogging soft phone / VoIP, presence awareness, instant messaging, web meetings, video, forums, wikis, social analytics, blogs, media gallery, ideation, real-time collaboration with communities, peer to peer file sharing, document libraries, mobile apps, and more!

To demonstrate some of the capabilities provided by the IBM Connections Suite, I've created three demos. Each demo shows how the IBM Connections Suite delivers business value and helps companies achieve one of three outcomes: workforce optimization, improving customer care processes, and accelerate innovation.

Demo 1 - IBM Connections Suite for Workforce Optimization

Demo 2 - IBM Connections Suite for Customer Care

Demo 3 - IBM Connections Suite for Accelerating Innovation

Of course, it's hard to show the 300+ features that are in the IBM Connections Suite in a couple of 5 minutes videos, so I'll be interested in knowing what you would like me to show more of. Please let me know in the comments below.

The announcement letter with more details, can be found here.

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