Thursday, July 14, 2011

ISW Releases iOS App for IBM Connections

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ISW, one of IBM's business partners based out of Australia has released a native iOS app for IBM Connections. You may remember that about 1 year ago I talked about IBM releasing the basic components of an iPhone app for Connections. That effort was led by the developerWorks team who created their own iPhone app for Connections.

When I blogged about that toolkit, I hinted: "I cant wait to see what kind of applications developers are now going to create". It seems like that meant "challenge accepted" for various business partners. First, mLinked release their app for iOS and now ISW has created iWildfire.

I've been playing with iWildfire now for a while and have hooked up to my social network behind the firewall. One of my favorite things about the app is that it can seamlessly combine multiple Connections networks. This is fantastic because I can now use one app to monitor my different Connections networks like Greenhouse, BleedYellow, myDeveloperWorks, and The activity stream from all these instances gets combined into 1 activity stream and it's even color coded so you can tell which event is coming from which social network.

iWildfire is an universal app which means that it will natively work in your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. It also packs tons of features. I won't go into all the features, but here are some of the ones that I like:

  • View Status Updates and leave Comments
  • Call/SMS/Email directly from someone's profile
  • Invite to Network
  • View My Board
  • View other Profile Boards
  • Download/Open files, cancel downloading
  • Store and view local files
  • Comment and view comments on files
  • Files integration with other iOS Apps to view/read files
  • Comment on and recommend blog entries
  • Search by Tag or Keyword

The team promises that they'll keep updating the app and will even provide a Pro version soon with additional capability.

As usual, those interested in IBM Connections can get them from the Lotus App Catalog, and iWildfire is available there . To learn more about iWildfire for IBM Connections, check out their page at: . Kudos to the ISW team for making this available to the community and, needless to say, I'm very excited about the growing developer ecosystem around IBM Connections. Keep it coming!

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