Thursday, July 7, 2011

GSX Releases New Quickr Monitoring Tool

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Just before going to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston I was notified that GSX had released a new tool to monitor Quickr on Domino. GSX Monitor has been around for a while and it makes it easy for IT staffers to manage and, well, monitor their environment from a single user interface. It can work with Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry servers, Domino servers and now with Quickr for Domino, part of IBM's social software suite.

In the GSX Monitor console you can configure multiple Quickr servers and from the console you can:

  • Monitor your Quickr server and service availability
  • Track and monitor the availability of key places
  • Monitor authentication, place, and catalog availability
  • Utilize the new Quickr statistics for reporting

Here's a quick demo video that was put together that shows how you can monitor your Quickr servers along with Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry and others:

You can read more about the release here and here's a list of all the new features in GSX Monitor v10. As usual, you can find out more in the Lotus App Catalog here. I'm excited to see all the cool solutions that business partners are building around our platform!

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