Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Step-By-Step: Using Connections API from Sametime v7.5.1

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Daniel Kehn, Sr. Software Engineer for WPLC, has published the following article:  Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with the Lotus Connections REST services.  This step-by-step article is yet another example of the flexibility of Lotus Connections and its consumability.  If you are in touch with business partners and/or customers who wish to write their own solutions, make sure you point them to this article.

The article is currently the Top Story at Lotus DeveloperWorks so I'm sure it's going to get a lot of exposure!  Here's an abstract of the article:

This article teaches you how to extend IBM Lotus Sametime Connect so that users can more easily reach out to the coworkers of a chat partner for help. The solution leverages the department hierarchy available in the Profiles component of IBM Lotus Connections. The same solution could easily be extended to help connect your employees to others using relationships unique to your business (for example, those who share particular interests, recognized experts, support organization members, and more).

Isn't that cool?? Spread the word and Dogear it!!
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