Monday, February 11, 2008

My experience with Connections 2.0 at a customer site

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Last week I spent two days in Chicago assisting a customer deploy the Alpha version of Lotus Connections 2.0.  (If that's not bleeding edge, I don't know what is).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the customer was ecstatic at seeing Lotus Connections 2.0 in their infrastructure.  They had seen it at Lotusphere and couldn't wait to get it going ( and IBM delivered !!! ). Additionally, 100% of the Lotus Connections 1.0.2 TDI scripts that I created for them worked.  I didn't have to change anything!

One new thing that I noticed in the installer is that you can now install 6 applications (including the Homepage) on one pass.  You no longer have to run the installer 1 time per application, which was pretty annoying before.  Moreover, you can now specify where you want user data to come from:  LDAP or Profiles (more on this tomorrow).  And yes, this means that Connections 2.0 will no longer officially need an LDAP!

The Profiles database only has a couple of new tables.  These keep track of your friends, tags assigned by others, etc.  To convince the customer that we are the best, we brought in Angela Self.  She did an amazing job branding Connections 2.0 with the customer's look-n-feel.  Take a peek below:

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