Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lotus Connections and Sharepoint Capabilities

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I've gotten te same question from two customers,so it's time to blog about it.  Mainly, they want to know what is possible today with Lotus Connections and Microsoft Sharepoint.  Let me clarify, though, that there's no  integration out of the box with Connections and Sharepoint.  The following are all capabilities that are available leveraging the Lotus Connections APIs:

  • Expose Dogears in Sharepoint 
  • Expose Blogs in Sharepoint 
  • Expose PersonCard in Sharepoint (documented in my article)
  • Link to Profiles (instead of the Sharepoint user info page) when clicking on a user's name in Sharepoint (documented in developwerWorks my article)
  • Use Communities as an access control into Sharepoint sites
  • Adding a 'Dogear this' button to Sharepoint pages
  • Add a widget to the Lotus Connections Homepage with 'My Sharepoint Sites' (similar to the Quickr porlet: My Places) 
  • Add 'My Sites' as a link in the PersonCard which takes someone to a user's list of Sharepoint
Note: Updated 8/29/2008 to include link to 'My Site' integration in Person Card.
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