Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HD DVD is dead -- take that Mircrosoft

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So in true spirit of "sticking up to the man", I thought I would blog about the huge announcement made by Toshiba late yesterday.  I wonder what that means to all the Xbox owners?  Do they have to send in all their Xboxes to get them re-furbished and converted into BlueRay?   What about the current HD-DVD owner ?  Is Toshiba and Microsoft going to provide some kind of refund or coupons to switch over to BlueRay? 

I haven't seen anything in the news as to how this is going to affect Microsoft but they were one of the big proponents of this format.  My theory was that BlueRay was going to win since that's what ships with most PlayStations and we all know how PlayStation totally overshadows the Xbox in market share.
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