Friday, February 29, 2008

A couple of new features added to Profiles 2.0

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Just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of new features and changes which will be available in Lotus Connections Profiles v2.0.  However, since we are cool people, we get to see a sneak peek of these features in TAP.

Today, I noticed the addition of 'Add to my colleagues' when you are viewing someone's profile:


When you click on that link, you can enter a message which will be sent via email to the person you are trying to 'friend'.  Not only that, but we have an updated Person card:

Now, anywhere you see a name you can send that person an email.  Additionally, if you expand 'More actions' you can add that person as a colleague!!!  Now, imagine yourself browsing a document library, or browsing Dogears.  You find this person who has a lot of interesting materials and you want to add them immediately to your list of Colleagues!!  There's no need whatsoever to stop what you are doing, go find them in Profiles and then add as a colleague.. you can do it from anywhere the pop-up business card shows up!! Let me repeat that.. you can do that from ANYWHERE the pop-up business card shows up -- including non-Lotus Connections applications (e.g your intranet portal, your document repository, your rich client applications, etc...)

Very cool!!!!!

Ohh.. and don't forget that in 2.0 you have total control on the links that appear in the pop-up business card!
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