Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LDAP attributes required for Lotus Connections

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A customer asked me today what are the required attributes that must be present in the LDAP in order to log in..  I couldn't find an answer, but in my experience they are:

  • Logon Id (usually something like uid, sAMAccountName, or mail)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Display Name (usually either cn or displayName)
  • Unique Identifier (these can be changed as per this page):
    • MS Active Directory:  objectGUID
    • Domino:  dominoUNID
    • Novell eDirectory:  guid
    • Tivoli Directory Server:  ibm-entryUUID
    • Sun Directory:  nsuniqueid

Note:  These are the minimum attributes that you need in order to successfully login.  Extra information such as managerId, secretaryId, departmentId, orgId, etc would need to be loaded into Profiles, but it doesn't have to come from an LDAP.  Hopefully that makes sense.
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