Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Decisions, Decisions -- Individual or Team Blog?

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I'm currently part of three internal team blogs:
  • WPLC (Lotus) TechWorks Team
  • Lotus Social Software 
  • ISSL Communities & Enablement
when it comes time to Blog, where should I do it ?  On my own individual blog ?  Or one of the team blogs that I'm a member of?  Are there any best practices out there to help you decide ?  To see, I did a quick Dogear search and all I found were links to Microsoft team blogs.  So two conclusions can be drawn from this:  (1)  People don't care about internal IBM team blogs and/or (2) People care too much about what our competition is doing smile .

Sometimes being a member of more than 1 blog causes me to post in the wrong Blog.  But that's my bug, I would say. 

I checked a couple of trusted Blogs, but couldn't find any best practices.

I've been writing this blog on and off for the past hour and I can't think of any reason why to post in a Team Blog, except to disseminate some sort of, well, team news.  Except, you could always disseminate the news on your individual blog.  If you only use a Team Blog to disseminate news, it's probably not going to be as active as your individual blog (news are boring, aren't they?). 

For example, the team blog for the Connections community only has 1.5 posts / month.  My guess is that not too many people are subscribed to it and only use it for reference.

So is a team blog an effective way to distribute news ?  Wouldn't it just be easier to post in the team's Quickr place and then subscribe to that feed?  As I keep writing this, I keep convincing myself that team blogs are not useful.  Perhaps it makes more sense to have an external team blog (e.g. were users/customers/partners don't have access to individual team members' blogs ?

Thoughts ?  Do you have a team blog?  If so, does it have a lot of traffic ?  Do you post a lot to it?  Should I have posted this in the TechWorks team blog? wink
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