Wednesday, December 19, 2007

See ya next year!

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Today is my last day of work for the year!! YIPEETo celebrate I've decided to wear jeans to work today (something I seldom do only on Fridays).  I'm also wearing sneakers!!  True, I'm not going to see a customer today and all I have are IBM internal meetings, but still, I feel like I'm celebrating.

2007 was an interesting year.  I started the year working my way up the Lotus Expeditor SME chain.  I spent about 5 months creating Expeditor POCs for a very large customer in the financial industry.

Next, I picked up Lotus Connections, which was not too hard given my eLearning/Lotus Workplace background.  Anyone who has played with those two products will be able to pick up Lotus Connections rather easily.  It also helps that the Lotus eLearning product has been shipping with TDI for about 3-4 years.

The Red Sox won the World Series again.  I'm a little bit offended that they decided to start winning World Series the year I moved away from Boston.  And to make things worse, the Celtics and the Patriots are ruling the world this season!!!  Maybe it's time to move back to cold Boston from sunny PR ? Hmm...

I got a chance to publish two articles on developerWorks and an asset that I created for ISSL finally shipped as part of a product.

Something that I miss as the year ends is not being able to have an office party with all my co-workers like my wife does with her co-workers. 

Looking forward to 2008, I'm starting a new job and I get to go to LotusSphere for the first time!!!  Happy holidays and have a safe, enjoyable Happy New Year...
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