Friday, January 18, 2008

Did you know...?

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I had a ping earlier today from a co-worker asking about Single Sign On for Lotus Connections with the Windows Desktop.  That means that a user logs on to their Windows machine, opens a browser and then goes to Lotus Connections and... VOILÁ!  They are automatically logged on!

How can this be done?  We use a technology referred to as SPNEGO (Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation).  In the old WebSphere v5 days, you had to purchase TAM/WebSEAL because it had the add-on that could parse the SPNEGO token (similar to the more commonly known LTPA token) and automatically sign you on.

Well, WebSphere v6.1 already includes this SPNEGO parser/connector/plug-in out-of-the-box, for free!  Therefore, all you need to do is configure it and off you go!  Here's how it works:

So another tidbit you can use to up the value of Lotus Connections (or any other application that runs on top of WebSphere v6.1) -- free SSO with the Windows Desktop!  (though I would still recommend some services to configure this...)
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