Friday, April 27, 2012

Demo: Blogs iPad App for IBM Connections, Wordpress, Blogger, and more

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Are you an active blogger using IBM Connections ? Do you work remotely? Do you want to create beautiful blog entries directly from your iPad ? If any of those are true, then you definitely will want to take a peek at Blogsy, the top rated app for blogging with your iPad. In fact, I am creating this blog entry directly from Blogsy.

Blogsy also supports other blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Joomla and more!

You may recall that I first blogged about Blogsy shortly after Lotusphere 2012 when it was first released to the App Store. I have been using Blogsy for a couple of weeks now and really like it. I can create blog entries with rich format and rich media. To add rich media you use the sidebar provided by the app. On the sidebar, you'll find quick options to quickly find videos in YouTube or photos in picass or Flickr and simply drag and drop them into the blog. Very easy!

I even have the power to edit the HTML which lets me do things like embed content from Slideshare.

There's tons of other features too! But let me show them to you instead of just writing about all of them. Check out this demo of Blogsy in action:

Want to get Blogsy, download it from the iTunes App Store by clicking here.

I would like to thank the great folks at Blogsy. As part of last week's update to Blogsy the App Store, they are giving away 3 copies of the app. Do you want in? Simply tweet a link to this blog entry and mention @BlogsyApp in your tweet to qualify. In a couple of weeks, three people will be selected at random and will receive a free copy of Blogsy.

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