Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Should I Care About Social Media Behind the Firewall

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Last week, I delivered a webinar that was hosted by InfoBOOM. In the webinar, I talk about some of the reasons why social media behind the firewall is beneficial to companies of all sizes. As an example, I reference the value that I personally get by using social media inside the firewall.

Here's the description that we used for the webinar invite.

Social media isn't limited to external communications. It can be a powerful force for productivity improvement and morale building inside the firewall.

The payoff: People are talking, and when that happens sources of expertise emerge from unexpected places. Social networks enable people to discover information, get questions answered and find new partners in collaboration. These tools are achieving the goals that early knowledge management systems set out to accomplish more than 20 years ago. The difference is that employees willingly contribute their expertise and enable the organization to capture their knowledge when it's in the cause of helping other people solve problems and get work done.

If you couldn't join the webinar and are interested in the business value of social media behind the firewall, you can watch the replay here. You'll notice that during the webinar a storm came in and knocked out power to my apartment so that provides for some laughs and entertainment as we try to adjust midway through.

Aside from business value, I also cover an important topic: the challenge of adoption. Once you deploy the technology, how do you actually get people to use it? I share some tips based on some lessons learned.

Hope you enjoy it!

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