Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How To Deploy Google Gadgets to IBM Connections

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The concept of deploying Google Gadgets to Connections is not new. I've shown you how to do this several times (going back 3 years ago!!). There are even articles on that have been posted on IBM's webpage describing how to do this.

I recently stumbled upon an article written by Chuck Connell which describes how to very quickly develop widgets for IBM Connections. This is actually the approach that I usually take when creating my widgets. It's funny because when people ask me which IDE I use to code the widgets, I typically repy: Notepad.

Fast Development For IBM Connections Widgets

Chuck then takes that a step further and shares another approach on how to deploy Google Gadgets to IBM Connections. If you follow this process, you should be able to add a Google Gadget into Connections in 1-2 minutes.

Google Gadgets for IBM Connections


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