Friday, August 5, 2011

Profile Completion Widget Now Available in App Catalog

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Two new widgets for IBM Connections are now available in the app catalog. The widgets are provided by JustNudge an IBM partner based out of the UK.

The first widget tracks the profile completion widget. This looks very similar to what LinkedIn provides. I believe this is great because I can see this as a way to push adoption of Connections. As people see that their profile is not populated, they also get hints as to what they can do to further populate their profile. Here's how JustNudge describes the widget:

Our profile progress widget provides visual feedback and tips to help the user populate their profile using a visual feedback mechanism similar to that provided on LinkedIn. This feedback allows the system to be populated according to the requirements of your organisation, for example, if there is a particular field within the profile that is valuable from an organisation perspective then the profile weighting can be adjusted to both advise and reward the user to populate that field.

The second widget is "Alternate reporting lines" widget. The widget aims to capture the informal relationships of a typical matrixes organization. The widget is self service and it lets the users build their own informal report-to chains. This is something that I've heard from customers in certain cases, so I'm glad that I can now direct them to the catalog where they can download and install this widget into Connections.

The profile completion widget is available here and the alternate reports to widget is available here.

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