Friday, April 25, 2008

My customer just said: "I like that"

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I just finished a call where we are in a competitive situation against Telligent. This calculator maker gave us 1 hour to convince them why they should at least consider IBM Lotus Connections instead of Telligent's Community Server.

As the sales rep was positioning the business value of Lotus Connections, she mentioned how important Blogs are in these times were so many people are retiring from the workforce.  She went on to say how it's pretty unlikely that Baby Boomers will start blogging, but surely they'll serve as a mentor to one of the organization's new hire.  This new hire will most likely be more receptive to blogging.  And it is this new hire who will Blog about the knowledge that has been captured from the soon-to-be retiree.

And that's how Blogs help preserve soon-to-be-gone intellectual capital.  To that, the customer said: "I like that, nobody has positioned Blogs or social software that way before.  That's really important for us".
As the call continued on our competitive situation we went on to highlight all of our integration capabilities. In case, you missed it, this is what we can do today (for free!):
  • Integration with ST 7.5.1+
  • Integration with Notes 8+
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Integration with the MS Office suite
  • Integration with MS Windows Explorer
  • Integration with Quickr
  • Integration with SocialText / Confluence
  • Integration with WebSphere Portal
  • Integration with Lotus Symphony (coming in a couple of days)
  • Integration with Blackberry (coming in a couple of days)
  • Integration with the Windows sign on domain

After we showed the customer all these integration capabilities (via screenshots), he again said: "I like that very much. That's a lot of stuff that it can do". He didn't say it, but seems like our competitor really lacks these features. In fact, he later said: "Most of our workforce is mobile and Blackberry integration is key".

Go Lotus Connections!!
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