Thursday, April 24, 2008

My migration to a Mac - successes!

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Aside from using the Mac in my Home Office, I really hadn't had the chance to test it in a real customer situation.  I'm EXTREMELY happy to report that I'm VERY impressed so far!
  • Responsive - it takes 14 seconds to boot up, 2 seconds to stand by and 7 seconds to shut down... try that Windows!
  • Connecting to wireless networks:  Seamless I don't have to do anything (unless they are protected by a password of course)
  • Connecting external hard drives:  No annoying pop-ups saying "please wait while we install the USB drivers"
  • Connecting external monitors:  No annoying Fn+F7 -- it simply works!
  • Lighter -  My backpack feels about 5 pounds lighter w/out my Lenovo T60p
  • Cool effect - The fact that I can whip out a Mac somehow lifts my self-esteem.  Maybe I'm an iJerk ?
  • IBMers want in - 3 IBMers stopped me at the airline lounge and asked me what I was doing with a Mac (they figured I was an IBM employee because of my backpack and my shirt).  They want in (although 1 said he had to wait cause he was Tivoli and Tivoli products don't run on Mac)
  • FileZilla works - I was a bit sad to leave the Windows world because I was going to lose FileZilla, but NO.. it DOES work on my Mac!
  • Great customer reaction - A customer in the Connections PoT asked me why I chose Mac and I said "I simply wanted to stick it to the man".  They laughed histerically!
  • Memory - for the first time I can actually have and use 4 GB of RAM!
  • Battery life - a full charge is currently giving me 4.5-5 hours!!
Ok, I have to go board my plane now.  So I'll summarize by saying:  LOVE IT!!
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