Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok, the BlackBerry client for Lotus Connections IS useful

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So yesterday I had to accompany my wife and take the new baby to the doctor. I logged on to Sametime from my BlackBerry using the Sametime 8 client for BlackBerry. As I was working with email, I got an ST message from a colleague in Canada. (You gotta love it.. I was collaborating in real-time wih someone from Canada using my BlackBerry -- but wait it gets better!!)

He was looking to find out what were the ISSL capabilities around Lotus Connections. More specifically, he wanted to know if there was some sort of quickstart for Lotus Connections. I knew ISSL had an offering for Lotus Connnections, but I wasn't sure what it was. (Hey! It's been 4 months since I left that team!!!)

Anyway, instead of telling my co-worker "do a search on Dogear", I figured I could use the new BlackBerry client for Lotus Connections and do some research myself. So I launched the client for Lotus Connections, selected Dogear and did a search on 'issl connections'. Lo and behold the FIRST result was: ISSL capabilities around Lotus Connections!!!!!. I copied the link and pasted it in my ST chat with my co-worker and voila!!! This all happened in less than 2 minutes!!!!

Simply amazing!! There's just no way I would've been that productive first without Dogear, second without my BlackBerry and third without the BlackBerry clien for Lotus Connections.

Now, how do I calculate the ROI on that ?
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