Monday, March 31, 2014

LikeMyIdea Demonstrates Idea Management with IBM Connections

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It's the last day of the first quarter and it's time to wrap up. I've been heads down working on various go to market activities for IBM Connections Next and even starting to think about what I'll say at the Social Connections VI User Group meeting in a couple of months (you ARE going, right??).

Idea management continues to be a hot topic. You may already be familiar with some partners who have extended the ideation capabilities in IBM Connections (hint: I've talked about them before in my blog).  

One of the solutions featured in the IBM Connect 2014 App Dev Throwdown was LikeMyIdea as you may have seen here.

LikeMyIdea not only integrates directly with IBM Connections, but it also users IBM BPM behind the scenes as yet another example of combining social with business processes. LikeMyIdea also provides a set of metrics to see top ideas, top voters, top submitters, etc.

Once the ideation managers are ready to execute on the ideas, LikeMyIdea presents a dashboard where you can assign people to execute on those ideas, specify a due date and then track it all seamlessly from one place.

Check out the 4 minute demo:

To learn more, check out LikeMyIdea in the Connections App Catalog.
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