Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm going to Social Connections VI - The IBM Connections User Group

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I'm now back from my 2 week vacation and it's March !! I can't believe it! I'm still working on follow up items from IBM Connect 2014 -- believe it or not.

As you may have seen, I'm going to be participating at this year's Social Connections - the IBM Connections User group.

If you are an IBM Connections user, you need to participate in this year's event. This will be the 6th user gathering in 2.5 years and this event will be taking place in Prague. This will be my first time in Prague so I'm looking forward to this. If you've been there and have recommendations of things to do and places to visit, let me know!

How much? The cost to attend is free (just need to cover air and hotel). To register go here.  When? June 16 and 17 . Where? At the Hotel Ambassador Ziata Husa.

At the conference, I'll be sharing more specific details around IBM Connections "Next" which you have probably already heard bits and pieces on from IBM Connect 2014. If you still haven't seen it, here's a capture of the demo I did at this year's OGS:

And speaking of catching up with IBM Connect 2014, here's a roundup of what I have so far of all the press coverage:

And see what analysts were saying...

Enderle Group's Rob Enderle, How to Do a Social IT Event #IBMConnect: "Innovation, Speed, Design, Interaction, Engagement: These are the messages of IBM Connect and IBM delivered them amazingly well."

Michael Sampson's blog, Thoughts on IBM Connections Mail (“Mail Next”): "At IBM Connect 2014 today, IBM announced “Mail Next,” to be branded under the IBM Connections family. It was positioned as a re-think of email".From what I picked up, my understanding is that the worlds of email traffic / conversations are logically and physically separate from the “social” conversations and interactions happening in IBM Connections. Mail Next gives you email messages, tasks, and meetings within email. Connections Next gives you @mentions in Connections, events in Connections, tasks in Activities in Connections, etc.

Nojitter' Blair Pleasant, Positioning for the Cloud: IBM's cloud directions for 2014 include enhanced offerings such as a new Web mail experience; meetings and chat with improved audio and video; a strengthened guest model; and mobile everywhere. IBM has been evolving its IBM Connections collaboration solution, which supports cloud, premise, or hybrid deployments, to become "the leading social platform," featuring social networking, mail, meetings, chat, document sharing, and more.

Larry Hawes from Dow Brook Advisory Services, IBM Mails In Tightly Integrated Knowledge Worker Experience at IBM Connect 2014, "The announcements made at IBM Connect 2014 are about helping existing and potential customer organizations to better understand and leverage the synergies created within the ICS offerings portfolio. More importantly, the IBM dashboards announced and demonstrated at the event should make it easier for individual workers to use the combined communication, collaboration, content and task management capabilities available to them on the desktop and mobile devices to locate expertise, share knowledge and get work done."

Constellation Research's Alan Lepofsky, Purposeful Collaboration - Presented at IBM Connect 2014:
  • Collaboration (internal and external) is a critical component of successful organizations
  • “Social” features can be part of a stand-alone platform, integrated with, or integrated into enterprise software solutions/processes
  • The processes can be function specific or cross departmental boundaries
So don't wait -- register today here ! 
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