Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Socialite Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds in IBM Connections

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As we get ready for an upcoming product launch, I wanted to take the opportunity to share about a new add-on available for IBM Connections.  As part of the product launch, and I'm sure you do this too, I'm monitoring various social channels -- for example, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and my enterprise social network, IBM Connections.

The new Socialite for IBM Connections is designed to integrate public social networking right into the IBM Connections interface.  This means that from right inside the Connections interface, users can see an integrated feed of their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter activities.

Check out the 5 minute demo below:

Socialite for Connections lets users see and react to the social activities of their customers as they happen, allowing them to provide better and more immediate customer service, a critical capability because knowing what customers say about your brand and its products on social networks provides a wealth of insight.

Additionally, not only can you monitor these public social networks. The integration also allows users to interact with these social networks directly from within IBM Connections. Socialite provides the right compliance controls to meet your requirements.  With compliance removed as a barrier to the integration of public social, organizations can improve adoption of and satisfaction with the use of IBM Connections.

With more people using Connections, and sharing more content on Connections -- both inside and outside the organization -- all in a compliant way, organizations can more quickly realize a return on their investment.

a To learn more, check out Socialite.
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