Monday, February 11, 2013

Replay: Luis Suarez, Louis Richardson and I at Pardon the Interruption

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At IBM Connect two weeks ago I had the opportunity to co-present with Luis Suarez and Louis Richardson for the first time ever. Thinking back, I'm surprised we hadn't gotten together and done a session earlier.

In any case, in this session we wanted to talk about various social business topics and we had asked the audience to submit them ahead of time. The format was to address the question in 3 minutes: 1 minute for each one of us. I thought that was pretty good since it keeps us flowing pretty quickly through topics, though at the same time can be *looong* for 60 minutes.

We also kept the order of answers the same throughout, thus I was always the first one to answer, then Louis, then Suarez. The great thing about this was that it gave me 2 minutes to stay quiet, and live tweet during the session:

If you missed the session at #IBMConnect, maybe you had a chance to catch up via Michael Sampson's blog. Otherwise, you can listen to the replay below (unfortunately, no video available):


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