Thursday, February 7, 2013

HarQen Demonstrates Searchable Phone Calls in IBM Connections

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One of my favorite aspects of IBM Connect 2013 was being able to show the tremendous growth of the IBM Connections ecosystem. As the product manager for the IBM Connections SDK, I find it incredibly useful to see what app developers come up with to expand our social business platform.

To that end, here's another great example from #IBMConnect. HarQen is focused on unleashing the information trapped inside conversations (think about all the conference calls you participate in). One of the solutions provided by HarQen is Hypervoice. Hypervoice allows converting conversations into searchable transcripts and actionable items. This is all available from within IBM Connections.

It provides a seamless consolidated searchable record of all phone conversations. From within the Connections business card, you can easily call a colleague and/or add them to an existing conference call with 1 click!

Alan Lepofsky, an analyst at Constellation Research describes Hypervoice as: "The ability to annotate audio conversations provides tremendous business value."

Check out the 2 minute demo below:

Extremely powerful!

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