Thursday, February 28, 2013

Questionmine Brings the Power of Surveys and Video to IBM Connections

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At the IBM Connect 2013 conference, Questionmine demonstrated their latest integration with IBM Connections.

Questionmine provides the ability to create interactive webinars with video surveys to engage the audience. This can help you generate real-time feedback and accelerate decisions.

Leveraging the activity stream and OpenSocial support within IBM Connections, Questionmine can quickly distribute videos to users. As the video plays and gets to a specific time, the question comes up and the user can respond instantly. After the response has been submitted, the video continues to play. To analyze all the data, Questionmine provides a dashboard for administrators to go in and get insights.

In the following demo, you can see a marketing manager at Pepsi creating questions and then sharing them as part of a video within IBM Connections and request feedback, specifically to see what others think about a new TV commercial that's going to go live soon.

To learn more, check out their website or if you are going to SXSW next week, check them out at stand 344.

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