Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iEnterprises Demonstrates Solution to Connect Facebook and Twitter to IBM Connections

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Let's keep on sharing the IBM Connect 2013 news. Again, one of the things that I was extremely happy to see was the large number of new partners and apps being built for IBM Connections.

This one comes from iEnterprises where they have developed a solution to take status updates from IBM Connections and post them to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via a control panel. Users can connect their accounts to their favorite social networks and have their status updates cross posted if desired. iEnterprises can also determine if a status update should go through an approval process before being posted externally based on some pre-configured criteria.

The solution takes advantage of OpenSocial and embedded experiences to allow managers to approve and manage this integration directly from email notifications !

Check out the 5 minute demo below:

Very cool!

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