Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gamification Goes Mobile with IBM Connections and Kudos

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As things ramp up for IBM Connect in 18 days, news tid bits are slowly starting to come out as to what's going to happen during the premier Social Business conference.

At IBM Connect, we are going to have an App Dev Throwdown where developers will have a chance to showcase their Social Business solutions built on the IBM Social Business platform. Make sure that you don't forget to go to that session to see all the new cool integration points developers are working on.

In the second release of Kudos, the gamification add-on for IBM Connections, it has been integrated into the native IBM Connections mobile app you can get from the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play. Kudos already tracks all actions done by a user either via the browser interface or the native mobile apps. Now, users can view their badges, the leader board and even Give Thanks to others directly from the app. They can also see their progress towards the various missions/achievements.

Check out the demo of the gamification module in mobile. While this is shown in an iPhone, this also works in the native IBM Connections iPad app.

This is extremely cool work so kudos to the Kudos team (see what I did there??).

To learn more about this solution, make sure that you register to attend #IBMConnect today!

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