Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OpenSocial Quickly Grows In The Enterprise and the IBM Connections App Ecosystem

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Many app developers have taken advantage of the new support for OpenSocial 2.0 for IBM Connections to build apps for the worldwide market leading social business platform.

TemboSocial, for example, has added peer recognition to IBM Connections and integrates into the activity stream and provides OpenSocial embedded apps . ISW who has built a gamification layer for IBM Connections has also taken advantage of the OpenSocial integration points. AppFusions has also used OpenSocial to integrate Atlassian's JIRA, Confluence and Stash with IBM Connections as shown in the demo below.

And there's plenty plenty more! In fact there's over 200 partners attending the Ready for Social Business Showcase at the IBM Connect reference.

With the #IBMConnect conference just a few days away, it's likely more app developers will start taking advantage of this as well. At the conference, there will be an App Dev Throwdown where 14 companies will showcase their new solutions. The winner will be featured during Wednesday morning's keynote.

The conference is also a great opportunity to get even more app developers on board. At the IBM Connect conference, app developers can learn in the following sessions how to use OpenSocial within the enterprise. Here's a list of all the App Dev and/or OpenSocial related sessions at the conference. Make sure you add them to your calendar:
  • AD101: Social Applications Made Easy with the New Social Business Toolkit SDK
  • AD103 : Social Standards Across IBM Connections, IBM Notes, IBM iNotes and IBM Domino
  • AD104: IBM Connections Activity Stream Integration with OpenSocial
  • AD206 : IBM Lotus Domino XPages: Embrace, Extend, Integrate
  • AD212 : Whats New in IBM Lotus Notes Widgets and LiveText: Linking Your Data to the World!
  • AD405: Empower your Social Business with SAP Processes in the Activity Stream
  • AD407: Qualifying Round for App Dev Throwdown I
  • AD408: Qualifying Round for App Dev Throwdown II
  • BP209 : In The Land of Social Apps, the API is King
  • CUST108: How 3M Integrated SAP into the Activity Stream Using OpenSocial
  • ID101 : What's New in IBM iNotes 9.0 Social Edition
  • INV110: App Dev Strategy: Coding Social Business Applications
  • INV211 : The New Social Business Paradigm with OpenSocial
  • INV213: The Roadmap for Enterprise Social: From Social Email to Universal Activity Streams
  • JMP102 : Extending Your App Arsenal With OpenSocial
  • JMP202: Extending IBM Connection to Build an Exceptional Social Learning Platform
  • SHOW301: Becoming a Connections Developer: Lessons from the Field
As you can see, with IBM's backing of OpenSocial 2.0, OpenSocial continues to take over the enterprise!

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