Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Demo: Integrating Office365 into IBM Connections via Google App Engine

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Earlier this week I stumbled upon this video on YouTube that shows how you can integrate Microsoft Office365 into IBM Connections. IBM Connections continues to be the #1 social business platform according to IDC, so it makes sense that it's quickly becoming the go to collaboration platform for many businesses. Connections' support for the OpenSocial standard has opened the doors to reuse many existing integration points as well as reach out to a new breed of app developers. Feedback from developers has been tremendous in this area, especially because IBM also supports OpenSocial in its native apps for iOS and Android.

In the demo below, Michel from e-office demonstrates how you can use the Google App Engine to push events from Office365 into the IBM Connections activity stream. You can take a document and upload it to Office365, check-in, check-out etc and visualize from IBM Connections. You can even use the embedded experiences concept that IBM invented to interact with Office365 and preview files directly from IBM Connections.

I'll be sharing a couple of more examples as we lead up to #IBMConnect in 3 weeks, the premier social business conference.

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