Monday, December 22, 2008

Lotus Connections Mobility Video

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I was recently directed to this video which talks about the Lotus Strategy and its mobility capabilities. Mobile access to your applications is key, especially for social software. I, for one, use Twitter, Facebook, and Lotus Connections Dogear because I have free native applications that run on my BlackBerry. When I'm at a customer site and I'm stumped with a question, I turn to my trusty Dogear to find the answer. When I'm travelling to/from said customer, I like to see what's going on in my personal social network by turning to Facebook. Then, I like to see what's going on in my semi-personal/semi-professional network at Twitter.

By the way, my constant access to Twitter means I can be more responsive to my customers and business partners. And recently a light bulb went off in my head: IBM gets more value from me using Twitter, than I personally do. I think I need to expand on that in a future blog post.

Anyway, here's a quick video showing the different Lotus products in a mobile world. I like Kristen:

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