Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lotus Quickr and Connections Connector Is Now Available

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Last month I discussed some of the new features in Lotus Connections v2.0.1. More specifically, you now have the following capabilities:

The IBM® Lotus® Connections Connector for Lotus® Quickr™ allows users to create associated Lotus Quickr team places for their Lotus Connections Communities. In Lotus Quickr, they can organize, share files, and collaborate on documents from a central location. When a new Connections Community is created, the associated Quickr team place is also created and the access control and membership of the Quickr place will be determined by the often fluctuating Connections Community membership. Communities associated with a team place in Lotus Quickr can aggregate updates in the community overview page, making it easier to stay current with projects and work collaboratively.

Here's a couple of screenshots of how that looks like:




You can download this new connector from here. This connector works with Lotus Connections v2.0.1 and Quickr J2EE (a.k.a. Quickr Portal) v8.1.1 which I understand is already available for download.

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