Monday, December 8, 2008

Dogear and Google Integration Gets 2nd Prize in Lotus HackDay

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Woo Hoo!!!!. That's right, late last week I got an email from Bob Picciano, Lotus' General Manager. In it, I was informed that Dogle (a.k.a. Google Dogeared) has won 2nd place in the Web Applications category of the Lotus HackDay contest. The price? Some cash which is very timely given the holiday season that's quickly approaching!

Dogle is a hack I did in which Google and Dogear results are shown side-by-side. It's a hack that I coded in a couple of hours. If you want to install it and give it a try, you can follow the instructions here.

For those of you, non-IBMers, HackDay is a one-day competition challenging IBMers to come up with the most interesting "Hack". "Hack", in this case refers to ability to come up with a solution to a problem or an interesting idea you've been thinking about.


Thanks to all who took the time to vote for my hack and participate in this process.

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