Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to integrate Google and Dogear

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So here it is!!! I got some great feedback from users on my previous post which showed a demo of integrating Lotus Connections Dogear and Google search. If you want to get this running, follow this process:


  1. Use Firefox (you are already using it, right ?)
  2. Install the Greasemonkey plugin (if you haven't already)
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Install my Dogear script
    1. IBMers: Click this link to download and install the script
    2. Non-IBMers:
      1. Right-click this link and save it to your machine.
      2. Open the file with your favorite text editor
      3. Look for the these lines and put in the value for your deployment
        var profiles = '';
        var dogear = '';
      4. Save the file
      5. Open Firefox
      6. Go to File -> Open File...
      7. Browse to the file and it should be installed
  5. Restart Firefox
  6. Go to Google and do a search, any search!

Note to Hackers: you'll notice that I'm not using Atom, instead simple HTML. If you can modify this to parse the Atom feed and render the appropriate HTML, you get bonus points!

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