Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Education materials for Lotus Connections

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Even though I may be starting to develop a love-hate relationship with feed readers.. I still love 'em! Case in point, yesterday I found out about some new training offerings for Lotus Connections.

Heath McCarthy casually stumbled upon these offerings and blogged about it internally. There are four courses available:

Course Type Course Name Audience
Instructor-Led Implementing Lotus Connections Domino / Connections Administrators
Instructor-Led Social Networking with Lotus Connections Workshop Social Network Administrators / LOB sponsors
Self-Paced (eLearning) Using Lotus Connections Administrators / End-Users
Self-Paced (eLearning)
Social Networking with Lotus Connections Workshop IT Administrators / LOB sponsors

I think the third course listed above would be really useful in helping you drive adoption. It serves as great introductory material that can be hosted either in your existing LMS (Learning Management System) or in your own intranet / portal.

For more information on the educational offerings for Lotus Connections, visit this page on

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