Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Release of IBM Connections in the Cloud Coming Next Week

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Next week we are going to be upgrading our cloud deployment of IBM Connections.  Many of these updates will be rolled into our on-premises IBM Connections Next release later this quarter.

Speaking of which.... on May 21st, we are hosting a virtual event to do the official unveiling of IBM Connections Next.  Therefore, you should go and register today and invite your family, friends, neighbors and all!

So what's new in this quarter's release of IBM Connections in the cloud? I've created a presentation to walk you through it.

As you can see in slide 14, we are adding a new thumbnail view of files.  This will help you quickly identify the file that you are looking for.  This feature will be progressively rolled out so it may take 1-3 weeks before you see it enabled.

With all these great updates, don't forget to wake up early on May 19th and enjoy the latest experience. And don't forget to join us on May 21st so go and register now!

To see the full list of new updates across our cloud infrastructure, click here.
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